A Bold Guarantee from WestStar

The WestStar A-Team is so convinced of their abilities, mission, and vision that they offer a bold guarantee that other management companies refuse to.

Having only the clients’ best interests in mind, it is no wonder that most go with the choice in favor of excellence for their assets:


Outstanding Property Management for Southern California

Company Mission, Vision, & Guiding Principles:

The WestStar Mission and persistent goal is: “To create an extraordinary experience—for our employees, clients, vendors, and residents alike—by maintaining excellence and continually providing world-class service.”

Core Values:

  • Positive Impact: Leaving everything better than how we found it;
  • Continuous Growth: Our relationships, numbers, and attitudes are always improving;
  • Excellence: WestStar strives for perfection in all we do and all of whom we do it with.

Company Background and Philosophy

WestStar Property Management, Inc. is a thriving and established professional management Team based in the booming real estate market of Los Angeles. With over 100 years of combined experience,  award winning WestStar was founded from a philosophy which held numerous personal experiences from within the partners of the company. Realizing that often times hands-on interaction with their properties was the difference needed for the success of the assets, they decided to bring the management into a place where these communities can receive care and administration that is unmatched by the seemingly distant, third-party corporations of yesterday.

Since WestStar has now launched their third-party management operations, they now carefully bring this same attention, devotion, and conduct to the ever growing new client base that WestStar Property Management, Inc. currently serves.

WestStar always offers to pay referral fees, and never broker’s sales deals. If you referred an asset to WestStar then you can be certain that you will be the first person alerted if that referral is coming back onto the market. On the flip side, if you need assistance in selling your asset, WestStar has relationships with some of the top Broker’s around that are experts in the sales, exchanges, and purchases of all rental, and other, property types.

WestStar has established and consistently maintains successful working relationships with local governments and quasi-governmental agencies, providing services for new and existing residents and clients alike. WestStar is happily involved in communities they serve and are active in efforts such as local beach clean-up  and providing self-care packages and other essentials to our overseas military professionals.

WestStar is dedicated to meeting the needs of all income propertyinvestors, including repositioning properties and growing performance from properties of all classes.

Housing Management

To care for properties in a way that best fits the company mission and values, WestStar Property Management uses a resident-focused approach. The utmost importance is placed on assuring that residents’ needs are met, fiscal reporting is precise, and all properties are meticulously maintained, all with an acute focus on achieving Client goals with their All-Star Specialists such as Rent Control and Section 8 experts.

Absolute dedication to their residents is what creates longevity and keeps their managed properties stable and thriving. That same absolute dedication to their clientele is what creates the lasting relationships they’ve enjoyed in all other ventures past and present. The results are higher returns and fewer headaches for their clientele.

Some of the property management activities include:

  • Developing superb marketing plans which are used to generate interest by potential applicants.
  • Processing every potential applicant to ensure compliance with all Fair Housing regulations.
  • Maintaining each property including day-to-day activities and major capital improvements.
  • Supplying each facility with ample oversight and fulfilling regular property inspections to ensure great curb appeal and thwart possible maintenance emergencies whenever possible.
  • Managing all bank accounts and finances for each property, collecting all rents, and completing all required government and project reports.
  • Providing support and training to ensure that on-site, as well as off-site, staff is up to date on all government directives, policies and procedures, and Fair Housing changes.
  • Supporting residents in their efforts to develop onsite recreation and program activities, inevitably fostering superb resident retention in order to keep residents in place and to continue renting from the community.
  • Robust vendor management—getting the best for the best cost as well as ensuring all vendors are properly insured and they must execute an onerous agreement with WestStar in order to work on your properties.
  • In-house, 24-hour maintenance staff to minimize cost and other expenses as well as timely customer satisfaction so residents aren’t waiting on a vendor. For most maintenance services WestStar rates cannot be beat at $45.00/hour, during regular business hours, Mon-Fri. Other rates apply for specialty items like plumbing ($57.00/hour) and electrical ($65.00/hour), which still greatly outshines vendor pricing.
  • Constant schooling through local and national apartment association memberships. This keeps the company up to date on all new laws, procedures, scams, etc. in order to avoid the pitfalls many owners deal with improperly and/or illegally without even knowing.
  • Keeping properties in compliance with signage (i.e. Prop 65) as well as liability protection in many areas including mold and pest control notification and eradication. 
  • And so much more!

Staffing, Affiliates, Community Relationships

WestStar Property Management employs a professional staff (the “A-Team”) skilled in all phases of management such as:

  • Governmental reporting
  • Fair Housing
  • Building operations
  • Reconstruction and Rehabilitation
  • Property repositioning
  • Rent collection &  Collections on judgments
  • The provision of social services to residents
  • Financial accounting for each property
  • Leasing &  Marketing
  • Resident retention
  • In-house maintenance staff around the clock—seven days a week for emergencies
  • Local and national apartment association memberships/affiliations

WestStar’s entire staff base also completes weekly mandatory training from a variety of sources. Training includes:

  • In-office manager workshops;,
  • Apartment Association, California Southern Cities property management training programs; and
  • Local college classes, in order to stay up to date on new laws and better ways to serve their employees, residents, clients, vendors, and communities.

WestStar sees things from your point of view and delivers with an exacting standard of excellence and a shared commitment to superior results—and that is what makes WestStar a special and unique team to partner with on your management needs.